Learn GERMAN in a unique way. With our method, which includes instructional videos, you learn not just the target language but also lots of interesting facts about Switzerland and about the Swiss. This entertaining and instructive guide is designed for expats who wish to familiarize themselves with the country, and so we portray various local companies in an entertaining and rather humorous way. In our videos you are taken around Central Switzerland, shown what there is to buy, and what there is to do at weekends. Your host, Domenika, will be giving you tips and tricks and, who knows, she might even bring a smile on your face. And then you know you are really beginning to learn GERMAN!

We have produced over 200 interesting and funny German tutorial videos for you.

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Our video-course-book includes | 41 lessons

1. QR codes: for exclusive access to each video lesson (on YouTube)

2. Video transcripts: to read along while watching the videos

3. Vocabulary list so that you may better understand the videos. (German–English, sorted by verbs, nouns, adjectives and other expressions)

4. A cloze text so that you may learn the words in a meaningful context.

5. Exercises: Answer questions related to the videos: This helps you check that you full understood.

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Come with us on a journey… more videos!

We have produced over 200 interesting and funny German tutorial videos for you.
You can watch all videos for free on our YouTube channel. 

I, Domenika, talk about customs and traditions, portray shops of daily life and I give you many ideas for your spare time...

We had fun filming and wish you even more fun watching and learning!

"Zuger Chriesisturm"

The city of Zug, in Switzerland, is famous for its cherries.
Because the D-SCHULE is from Zug, we have made the D-SCHULE "Cherry Week".

We talk about it in our Videos:

Zuger Chriesiwurst - This is a sausage with cherries
Zuger Kirschtorte - This is the world-famous cake with cherry brandy
Zuger Kirsch - This is the world-famous cherry brandy

The D-SCHULE at the
Football World Cup 2018

I, Domenika, come from a football family myself and I am therefore very interested in football. I wanted to integrate our students into our videos and there is no better occasion for that than a world cup where "almost" all countries are represented.

I am sure you will be amazed by one or the other video, because there are many interesting facts about all countries!

Kick yourself ... uhhm click yourself through the videos… ;-)
You can find all our football videos on our Facebook page (more - videos).

Christmas & New Year wishes

The D-SCHULE and our students wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We have also integrated many students into our Christmas video...

Have a look yourself... Maybe you understand one or the other language.

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