Extraordinary situations require extraordinary measures

None of them are stagnant, especially in education. It would be a pleasure for us to support "families" in this difficult time.

Since the schools have been closed, parents are confronted with the challenge of teaching at home. Their children go to different classes, have different teachers and get homework via different platforms. As we have learned, parents are often left alone with all the tasks besides their home office jobs. The current situation is understandably overstraining for all parties (schools, teachers & parents).

Send us an e-mail if you - we are looking forward to help you.


We can support.
As our D-SCHULE teachers are all pedagogues, we can offer the parents the following support "online":


  • Help with homework
  • Language support programs
  • Lessons also in non-language subjects
  • Mental & physical break for parents during online children's play events

Learning platform

We teach with Microsoft Teams.
You will receive a link from us by email and can log in easily.

As soon as a course is full, we will start.


alle Schulstufen 
von Montag - Samstag
zwischen 8.00 - 19.00 Uhr

Schick uns eine E-Mail & wir erklären dir alles...

Price reduction...

The first child pays the normal price.

Every additional child of your family receives a 10% reduction per course.

D-SCHULE - Your Language School

We look forward to hearing from you.