The D-SCHULE: Your Language School in Zug and Switzerland

In recent years D-SCHULE and the team have grown steadily. But the basic values are still the same as those in the beginning. We are a team. We pull together and pursue the same goal - we teach our customers a new language. Our motivated and friendly team is totally committed. But this alone is not enough for us. The success of each individual is important. So that you too, can reach your personal goal quickly, we support and motivate you in your learning process. Good teachers slip into different roles ... How often does it happen that you become a teacher, a confidant and even a friend.

Trust us and convince yourself that learning can actually be fun!

Domenika Hüsser

The „D“ in D-SCHULE stands for Deutsch (German) and Domenika. I am the owner of the D-SCHULE. I was born in Baar, Switzerland on the first of May 1983. From an early age, I have always been fascinated by languages. My younger brother and I grew up bilingual, speaking both Czech and German at home. Once in school, I learned French and English. As Spain was a regular holiday destination, this sparked my interest for the Spanish language. Since 2009 I have been teaching German as a foreign language in Zug and the surrounding region. It is a pleasure to see how quickly people make progresses, improve their quality of life and become more integrated with daily life in Switzerland. And this in very short time.

I teach with a lot of passion, patience and joy and want to share my knowledge.


D-SCHULE - Your Language School

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