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My lessons are really beneficial for me and I enjoy them a lot. I can choose the mix of grammar and conversation I feel like practicing and we always have fun talks.



Learning with D-SCHULE is interactive and has helped my conversational skills. I feel comfortable enough to join also the weekly gatherings which are fun and relaxed.



Gatherings is a great way to practice your German. It really works for me. I meet new people, practice my German and the teacher is always there to correct my mistakes. I can see my progress and sincerely advise you to join us. Let's speak German!



I have been learning German with the d-Schule for more than one year now. I have attended private classes with Domenika and the time has been invaluable, positive, fun and very educational. Domenika is creative, adaptable as well as very personable and engaging. The class time flies by and, besides German, I’m also learning about the Swiss culture and peculiarities.



The interest in learning something new has a lot to do with the passion of the person who teaches it, that is why it is so important to find the right one and I’m very happy that I did. The lessons with Domenika are so nice and entertained that I usually feel that they go too quick. I’m more than happy to have met her and thankful because I enjoy a lot my German lessons.



I have found D-SCHULE to be very a very convenient, practical and effective way to learn German. The combination of an informal conversational approach combined with structured grammar was very effective in getting me to the B1 level within two years. It is easy to schedule lessons at my office which makes it easy to keep motivated week after week.



The small classes & flexibility makes Learning German easier and fun.



All in one – practical, flexible and comfortable – perfect for every business needs.



A semi private course is a perfect way for us to learn and keep up our language knowledge. Tailor-made after our wishes.

Anne-Marie & Lennart


I like my teacher very much and I feel very comfortable talking to her. She helps a lot, corrects every mistake, but in such a nice way! I have really noticed how my German is getting better and better!



The lessons are very flexible and fit well to my learning needs. My teacher is a fun teacher and has everlasting patience for the students, well for me in any case.


The Netherland

Each time with my teacher is absolutely great. I've tried so many teachers (even here in Zug) and different approaches to German, but our cosy sessions really encouraged me to finally speak!



I have found my 1:1 classes with the D-SCHULE very enjoyable and very valuable. The lessons are high energy and good fun, and - while based around topical subjects (e.g. "what did you do last weekend?" will lead to an hour's discussion) - she skillfully ensures that the right topics are covered. In a fun, relaxed and interactive way I have quickly learned a surprising amount about modal verbs, cases, and so much more.



It is effective and fun to learn German with D-SCHULE. My friends and family could already see a good improvement in my German skills in first 3 months. The faculty is awesome. She knows how to teach German to native English speakers and foreigners with plenty of real-time examples. They tend to keep the team strength minimum to focus on each and every individual depending on their learning speed. The faculty is flexible to have the classes that suits the corporate learners work timings as well.



D-Schule offers a fun and interactive German teaching lesson. I am taking the course in a classroom setting and enjoy the experience. What’s more, my German is improving thanks to the extra rationale provided in the class and open atmosphere which the teacher creates. This is my third German class but I would recommend D-SCHULE over my previous two experiences with other companies.



We really like the D-SCHULE Gatherings because we can learn German in a fun and useful way, in good company and in a nice relaxing atmosphere! The Gathering helps us to improve our German in a more relaxed and pleasant way.

Sophia, Pilar, Silvia & Lorella

Italy, Spain, Italy & Italy

In addition to my studies I attended a small group course and that was a very good solution for me. I could learn a lot and always looked forward to our lessons. The course is on two days and is flexible in time, so the group can always come to an agreement.



Relaxed, friendly informal lessons without the stress of learning grammar. Discussions around everyday situations that will be useful. Fun games that help with vocab and sentence structure. Extremely enjoyable, suitable for every level.

Kathryn, Linda, Jane & Jane

Austrialia, England, England, England

I appreciate that the German teacher comes to our home and that the lessons are adapted to my speed and my needs



The course was great for our kids. They prepared exams, they repeated many things from school and did homework. They learned German through play!

Gerry, Emi & Arnau


I like the fact that I can talk to a real person and not just learn online or with an app. I really enjoy the German lessons.



To those people who are looking for relaxed way of learning another language at your place, then D- Schule is it. I have tried various other methods with well known organisations and found you work to their schedule and method. But D- Schule is totally different. Domenika is fun to learn with, she can read you and adjusts accordingly. Very inventive to create ideas that can trigger an " a-ha" moment from another angle.



I would highly recommend the D-SCHULE. It's small, familiar and fun. I was in a group course and it was very worthwhile for me. The teacher was very experienced, ambitious and competent, she was able to respond spontaneously to my needs. My wishes were considered.Most of the lessons were oral and we worked on the grammar in parallel. That is great.



It was a pleasure to work with our teacher as she helps us learn the basics of the German language, important Swiss-German phrases and differences in Swiss culture and social interaction. Her kindness and patience makes the challenge of learning a difficult language as an adult less intimidating. We value her expertise, which helps us to achieve our language goals.

Elayne & Christopher


I think it's great that I can speak a lot in my German course. We talk about everyday situations. I can apply what I have learned in real life. My course is very flexible and full of learning.



My naturalization course was effective and efficient. Domenika really put an enormous effort preparing material and being flexible enough to adapt each session to my specific needs. The interview preparation was key for me. I couldn’t have done it without this course. It is worth it and highly recommended. Thanks Domenika 😊


Einbürgerungskurs Kanton Zürich

With D-SCHULE I have learned German easily and after a few lessons I could speak with native people much easier. I am glad that i found the D-SCHULE to improve my skills in the German language.



I have an online german class as preparation for my swiss passport with Domenika, and can really recommend her! The classes are well structured and supported by well prepared powerpoints, which are personalized for the Gemeinde and Kanton I live in. The sessions themselves are entertaining and I have really improved my level of german and overall knowledge of Switzerland.


Einbürgerungskurs Kanton Zug

Domenika is one of those teachers who has a real passion for teaching German. Already since the first lesson, I was impressed by her dedication and patience to answer each and every question I had. She is also able to explain complex grammar rules with simple examples or analogies that help to understand and remember it easier. She has a good energy that makes the classes very pleasant and motivating.



Ich habe einen Einbürgerungskurs bei der D-SCHULE gemacht. Mein Lehrer hatte viel Erfahrung und Wissen und hat mich auf die Themen: Staatskunde, Geografie, Geschichte und Wissenswertes vorbereitet. Auch bekam ich genügend Zeit, um den «neuen Wortschatz» zu üben und anzuwenden, den ich im Alltag bisher noch nicht kannte. Wir haben viele praktische Übungen gemacht und das Einbürgerungsgespräch geübt. Dank der D-SCHULE konnte ich den Einbürgerungsprozess leicht durchlaufen und bin heute Schweizerin.


Einbürgerungskurs Kanton Zug

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